How Safe is Your Water?

Water Testing

Water testing only tells you about the quality of the water at that instant in time, but tells you nothing about the water quality tomorrow or next month. Water treatment works 24 hours a day, taking care of problems even if they are intermittent. All water problems are treatable but they must be properly identified so treatment equipment can be properly applied.

Public Water

The United States undoubtedly has the safest and most reliable public water system in the world. With that being said, there are still tens of thousands of violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act in this country each year. Job #1 of public water suppliers is to make sure water is always microbiologically safe. The most effective means to accomplish this is chlorination.

The most difficult thing to control when it comes to water quality is the distribution system. The pipes that deliver water to your home may be over 50 years old and many miles long. It doesn't matter how good the water is when it leaves the treatment plant. It matters how good it is when it comes out of your faucet.

Well Water

Most people think bacteria are the most common type of contaminant in well water. The truth is the majority of wells get bacteria in them from time to time, but whether these bacteria are harmful depends on the health and condition of whoever drinks this water. The greater potential for contaminates rises from the fact that water is a universal solvent. Anything that dissolves in water can find its way into your well.

Bottled Water

The bottled water industry is a 5+ billion dollar per year industry and they have to meet the same safety standards as your public water supplier.