Water Testing for Public and Private Water Systems 

person wearing surgical gloves is taking a small water sample from a sink faucet

If you rely on public drinking water, your water comes from a public system where it is monitored and tested. There is a National Primary Drinking Water Standard that public systems must follow.  The water company you rely on is required to notify you when contaminants are in the water provided that can cause illness […]

Pennsylvania Sets New Drinking Water Standards for Highly Toxic “Forever Chemicals”

PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, are a threat to public health. These contaminants have been found in public water systems across the country and in Pennsylvania. They can also be present in private wells.  Pennsylvania has just enacted a statewide drinking water limit standard for two PFAS. Forever chemicals have been contaminating public drinking […]

Top 3 Residential Water Treatment Methods

image featuring water softeners and a reverse osmosis unit

Are you currently plagued with water quality issues within your home? This is a common problem many people experience. Most of us already have our water treated to some level. If you rely on a public drinking water supply, it is treated to meet safety standards. Typically, it is chlorine or chloramine that is added […]