Corporate Profile

Randy S. Eddinger, President,

As a principal owner of Suburban Water Technology, Inc., Randy performs systems troubleshooting and design consulting services of water treatment systems. He is a Certified Water Specialist, Level VI and holds a Water Class 2 Operator’s License. His consulting and design services clearly demonstrate his thorough knowledge and complete understanding of water treatment and its process. His ability to grasp the removal of specific particulates, combined with the domino effect of various treatment processes, enables Suburban Water Technology to integrate very efficient and cost effective water treatment systems. His expertise is our customers’ greatest benefit.

Michael Eddinger, Business Manager,

As a principal owner of Suburban Water Technology, Inc., Michael manages the company’s finances and oversees the installation and services of water treatment systems. Michael’s demand for ‘service excellence’ is always apparent, whether assisting a customer with specific need or negotiating with a supplier for the best available technology at the best price. His continued effort to satisfy all of our customers and suppliers in every area is why Suburban Water Technology remains successful through repeat business. His actions are our best marketing tool.

Jeremy Crum, Project Manager,

Jeremy is a graduate of Mansfield University with a degree in Biology specializing in water quality. He has a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to serve our customers and resolve their water problems. He is a Certified Water Specialist, Level VI and is a DEP Certified Operator for public water systems.

Rich Otto, Service Manager,

As the manager of service, Richie continues the company’s approach for ‘service excellence’. With more than 20 years experience in the field as a service technician, he has analytical and operational experience of water treatment systems that strongly complements the position. His grasp of water treatment combined with extensive customer service experience enhances the company’s ability to deliver efficient and cost effective services to our valued customers.

David Antrim, Operations,

As manager of the company’s business affairs, Dave is the hub of all of the company’s activities from project management to accounting to purchasing to inventory control. Dave immediately responds to our customers' needs and expedites whatever is required to ensure customer satisfaction.

Kyle Eddinger, Operations Manager,

As manager of the company's operations, Kyle oversees and performs trainings as needed to keep our Installers and Service Technicians knowledgeable about new equipment and proper maintenance. He is a Certified Water Specialist, Level VI and is a DEP Certified Operator for public water systems.

Mark, Bob, Don, Casey, Alan, Scott, Steve, Drew, Matt, John & Joe - Installation & Service Technicians

Our valued service technicians bring years of experience to our customers. They are the ones who meet our customers at their homes and businesses to professionally install and service your equipment and solve any water problems.

Deb Hannum - Scheduling Coordinator 

Kristi Koniewicz - Administrator 

Melissa Reifsnyder - Receptionist

Walt Walsky - Sales,

Walt has worked in the industry since 2007.  He is a Certified Master Water Specialist Residential and Commercial Sales.

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