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At Suburban Water Technology, we integrate various types of water treatment systems to meet the level of water purity required for residential use, industrial production, commercial operation, groundwater remediation or scientific research. Our design of new water treatment systems and upgrades of existing treatment systems provide maximum efficiencies eliminating extensive down time and maintenance repairs.

How Clean is your Water?

Water chemistry begins with a very simple formula – H2O – and in its purest form water is 11% hydrogen and 89% oxygen. What makes water “good” is the lack of impurities. Schedule a consultation and we will test your water on-site and discuss the best purification options. 

Well water

The greatest potential for contaminates rises from the fact that water is a universal solvent. Anything that dissolves in water can find its way into your well.

public water

The pipes that deliver water to your home may be over 50 years old and many miles long. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how good the water is when it leaves the treatment plant. 

We can fix your water!


The benefits of treated water extend well beyond the taste.

Taste & Smell

You'll have cleaner, clearer water for drinking and cooking

Crystal Clear

Clear Water & Clear Ice Cubes No Floaters

Skin & Hair

Silkier Hair, Less Dry Skin, No soap/shampoo residue

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Appliance Longevity

Extended life for appliances, faucets and pipes

Spotfree dishes

Spotfree Dishes & Glassware

Cleaner Laundry

You won't need harsh detergents to wash clothes

how we can help

Assess &

Our trained technicians will come out for a site assessment, water analysis, and discuss the best solution